Projeto cria intercâmbio com Alemanha e debate desafio de cidades do Brasil

Projeto "Nós, Brasil! We, Brazil", realizado em quatro cidades entre Porto Alegre e Salvador, fomentou a discussão sobre urbanismo entre brasileiros e alemães, sob a coordenação de Matthias Böttger, do Centro de Arquitetura Alemã em Berlim.

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EVq2WTVQ 08/01/2014, às 12:35

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KksCqTvpLx 07/01/2014, às 07:36

quite a bit about your movement that it took a few mitinory congressmen walking by to get racial and sexual slurs hurled at them (which none of this \"research\" contradicts, btw). Your party is about scared, white people fearing change and preying upon those fears to propel a \"movement\" none of you really even understand the point or goal of. Where the hell were you when Bush was stripping our civil liberties away? Ballooning our defict during war time? It\'s all about a tired, outdated ideology, and frankly it\'s just kind of sad. You lost the 2008 elections. You lost on the health care front. You\'re not taking back Congress this year and Obama is getting re-elected. You\'re going to continue losing and deep down, you all know this. Keep marinating in your fear and hate, and let the rational adults take care of things. You\'re doing a bang-up job so far.

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