ONU: metade dos idiomas falados atualmente vai desaparecer até o final do século

Especialista pede aos governos que protejam herança linguística de minorias; principais ameaças são assimilação, conflitos e deslocamentos forçados.

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gBEf99GqSB 09/01/2014, às 15:57

it is sifi for people who don\'t like it is bcesuae the whole alien taking over a human body is only a story line to speak about human emotions and what it means to be in love. This is a movie about characters and i really hope all the acters and actrists they choose can act.

gl9jN8aPYzZn 08/01/2014, às 05:53

Mark Seibel illustrates a key defcirenfe between bloggers and online websites for newspapers: when bloggers change a piece that\'s published, changes and additions are clearly marked (except for minor grammatical errors) with an UPDATE/CHANGE notice.In the online newspaper sites I\'m familiar with, the stories change-- significantly at times--without the benefit of the reader knowing that the story has been changed or additions made to it.Real journalism doesn\'t posit narratives and find facts (or fabricate them) to fit that narrative. It\'s the main reason that the MSM is in a death spiral, financially.

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