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Migração de alemães-russos é tema de documentário filmado no RS

Bob Dambach e Michael Miller conheceram algumas construções históricas. Colonização da Região de Santa Rosa, no Noroeste do Rio Grande do Sul, começou por volta do ano 1900.

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sDztmPfPudFQ 08/01/2014, às 07:27

Good interview. Ms. Burke seems to be the kind of even haendd and open minded journalist that is pretty rare these days. If she was on MSNBC or CNN somebody may even take them seriously. MSNBC could use a bit of diversity, no? A couple of questions though: Since she was there, all day walking back and forth, did she not get any inkling that there was some \'outliers\' lurking amongst the protesters that might cause trouble? She seems to not believe that it\'s highly unlikely that NONE of the many video cameras held by professional news crews and amateurs alike to have captured any of the hateful speech, because there was so much noise and confusion. So, how did the congressmen hear it? We were told that there was chanting of the n-word as much as fifteen times. How did the congressmen hear it and not one video camera (so far) could? And why did none of the congressmen, in the videos we have seen react to it? Stop, turn their heads, point, anything?The other issue is the cut propane gas line. Who did it?

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