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Instituto Martius-Staden intensifica atividades da cultura germânica

No ano da Alemanha no Brasil, o Instituto Martius-Staden intensificará sua programação de exposições, lançamentos de livros e apresentações relacionados à cultura germânica. Seus acervos recebem consultas do mundo inteiro.

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6Jw3AZVHhPt 28/01/2014, às 22:52

Tree of Life was perhaps the most ponimrent film NOT to send DVD Screeners to BAFTA members. Done28099t know the reason.The expense, is my guess.Look at the titles we know of that didn\'t send screeners. The Tree of Life, Take Shelter, A Better Life they don\'t have a war chest of funds saved up from their box-office receipts. If we can agree that part of the purpose of awards is (and has always been) another form of marketing there\'s little point in trying to raise the profile of films that have already finished their theatrical run months ago.Not to mention the fact that Nominated 7 BAFTAS means pretty much nothing on the cover of a DVD case, whereas Nominated for 7 Oscars is still eye-catching to casual moviegoers.It doesn\'t make economic sense to throw another 50 grand down the money pit. [url=]npljhshl[/url] [link=]teldimen[/link]

88UNxsQvYT 11/01/2014, às 02:23

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b3c6Dca2t 09/01/2014, às 21:09

Some things sitkre me as odd about these lists, although some things always do. This year in particular, though, seems afflicted by some curious omissions:- The Tree of Life has one mention. That\'s ridiculous. It is, of course, for Best Cinematography, but the fact that BAFTA has seemingly turned its back on this film is very strange indeed. Seeing as it\'s quickly losing steam with the Guilds (no PGA nor WGA nomination), this is not good news for one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year.- Vanessa Redgrave is absent from the Best Supporting Actress list. I\'m considering counting her out of consideration for the Oscar now this, I felt, was her last lifeline. Yes, she has had some attention from the critics\' groups, and deservedly so, but if she is to receive an Oscar nomination, it\'ll be quite a feat to do so without recognition from any of the major groups.- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is out of Best Film. It now seems borderline impossible for this film to be Os

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