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Governo estuda universalizar televisão digital

Ministro das Comunicações, Paulo Bernardo, quer agilidade para não atrasar metas estipuladas para 2016. O governo vai universalizar a televisão digital, nem que tenha de pagar por isso.

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So let me get this straight. It\'s okay to call the Tea Party dtoensmrators racist and accuse them of shouting racial slurs without an single ounce of proof and hearsay evidence that wouldn\'t be admissible in court but when one individual raises questions through timelines and facts as well as documented videos, its okay to make vague threats to them for proposing the possibility of a conspiracy.As a member of a local tea-party organization, I want proof. If this occurred then let\'s hold them accountable for their actions. If it didn\'t occur, then a greater accountability is in play because the public media was used as a format to advance an ideology inconsistent with my own experience with other 9-12ers. Al Sharpton, on O\'Reilly, made the accusation that simply because this is a predominant white group-not just white but older whites, that it must be obvious that the tea-party people are racist. Where is the similar rage by a supposedly unbiased media at Sharpton\'s comments?Sharpton\

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