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Governo autoriza mais R$ 394 milhões para obras do Projeto São Francisco

Ordem de serviço contempla instalação de canteiro, mobilização imediata de trabalhadores, barragens, passarelas, pontes, canais e túnel. Objetivo: captação do Rio São Francisco no município de Cabrobó (PE) até o reservatório de Jati, no Cear

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gI1hNLgjV 25/01/2014, às 12:34

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Z20oUHTh 09/01/2014, às 08:06

nobody wants to see a story about a female teganee assasin. that\'s what sunk kick ass (although i actually like the film).stephenie meyer\'s films sell based on her name, not the actors who populate her films. her fans will even support her films even if the films blow big chunks. this has been proven repeatedly since the first twilight movie came out. The Host was a huge book. it doesn\'t matter whose cast in the film. this chick was picked so they can tap into aussie money.

anY4IfUn2 07/01/2014, às 22:22

Mr. Seibel...just a few questions at first read. There is a dicsrpancy as to when the original McClatchy article was published. According to you it was (5:01) and Mr. Cashill has it at (4:56). Can you show original post with time stamp?Who was your source for Rep. Lewis\'s claim? I saw no citation for that.Who knew to look for your post and have you correct it to reflect that the alleged event happened on the way TO the Capitol just minutes after it appeared?Does Nico Pitney continuously monitor your site? So it would seem for him to respond so quickly.Why would you post a claim about the person who allegedly spat on Rep.Capitol Police making the arrest.Cleaver being arrested simply based of the report of a staffer of a different congressman? I would think it would have been easy to substantiate or debunk wityh a phone call or two given that it would have been the Capitol Police performing the arrest

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