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Ein Plädoyer für Verantwortung - Der

Die Rede des Bundespräsidenten zum Tag der deutschen Einheit

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ke3sbOk6T4Dd 25/01/2014, às 02:25

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6yNUM36Pz5s 08/01/2014, às 12:43

aww, those little Scotties have my vote! I auatclly have a pair of bookends very similar to those but they\'re bunnies. I love to display my favorite books too.xoxo alison

Fqu2Muey4 07/01/2014, às 08:02

So, I looked up McClatchy\'s cnoumoicatimn director\'s email, this Peter Tira guy and wrote him a short love letter expressing my adoring respect for their fine paper and the intrepid Mark Sebien...Actually, I did write him but it was one of the nastiest, most hostile emails I\'ve ever typed out.There is something about this that is just so fundamentally wrong that it simply begs to be acted on. With all that is going on at the moment, some cannot wait for the November elections to address.

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