Chorinho do Brasil com Gabriel Schwartz e Márcio Schuster na A Livraria em Berlim – 25.04.2018 – 20h

Mi.25.04.18 um 20:00 Uhr Konzert : Chorinho do Brasil com Gabriel Schwartz e Marcio Schuster

Both multi-instrumentalist and composers present in this concert, beside of their own compositions, diverse themes of many composers such as Hermeto Pascoal till, Baden Powell, passing by Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim and others.
The stage, seen before the entrance of the musicians, appears the arriaval of at least 6 instrumentalist: flutes, saxophones, guitars, several percussion instruments, microphones, synthesizer, loop station, occupie and ornament the ambience. But beside being seen, the concert must be heard or maybe heard and seen. Modern arrangements of traditional themes or modern traditional themes arrangements, brazilians rhythms, and brazilians germanized, choros-canção and samba-bachiano and the best of it all, friendly musicians and very humorous. More than a concert, an
experience. Black shoes aretwo, various, theyre each in only one.
Marcio Schuster and Gabriel Schwartz studied together in the university of music in Curitiba e they were colegues at the Orchestra for many years. Since then, due their vast musical affinity, they created several projects in partnership with their band
groups Bavaschoro, Marcio Schuster Trio, Trio Quintina and Os Balangandãs, performing an cultural exchange between Brazil and Germany.
This new project “Black Shoes”is the result of their actual moment in that both jmusicians engage in developing a solo repertoire and, not by chance, this repertoire merge in perfect spontaneity. The result of this fusion its a spectacle that presents great cohesion and originality. The title of the project its a joke about their germans
lastnames, translated in portuguese, Schuster (shoemaker) and Schwartz (black) and reflects perfectly the spirit .

Local:a Livraria
Entrada : 7€


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