Volks anuncia carro mais econômico do mundo

A Volkswagen anunciou seu híbrido XL1 como o carro produzido em série mais eficiente do mundo, consumindo 0,9 litro de diesel por 100 quilômetros rodados (equivalente a 111 km/l).

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ESITiekkn2s 26/01/2014, às 04:43

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sk3fhM1jTxn 09/01/2014, às 14:05

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2ZcCilGdcq 08/01/2014, às 08:09

Very interesting ieretvinw. A few things that stuck out and made me wonder:\"Every time the members vote and every time they caucus they have to cross the street. It was a nice day, and, frankly, I think they wanted to see the protest, see what was going on. They sometimes use the tunnels, but it was a nice day.\"Interesting use of the word \"every\" and \"sometimes\". I\'m willing to give them a pass on this, despite the quite unmistakable fact that the entire walk was designed to produce a story idea in every paper in the country titled \"Black Congress-members Harassed by Teabaggers, Shades of the 60s Revisited. (with 27 color 8x10 glossy photographs of the crime scene, etc...)She certainly seems to have a good grasp on just how the most video taped event of the CBC managed to avoid totally catching the audio of This Horrid Word. I mean, its not like any of the CBC would...lie, right?

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