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TE ATWËNT IS KHOM! - von Solange Hamester Jochann


Solange Hamester Johann

UNSRIK 1008 Haloo, hier is Solange Hamester Johann, fom Proyëkt Hunsrik.

Mëyer sin aarich froo këp mit en thëkst woo Phaater Mário Glaab, fon União da Vitória/PR, uns kexikt hot, in Hunsrik kexrip: TE ATWËNT IS KHOM! Noch mool is en Atwënt aan khom. Noch mool tuun ti lichter in unsere hërtser sich erneere. Ti khëriche, ti hayser, ti kaate un ti xtët tuun sich mit lichter pelaychte. Ti kanse lichter woo mer soo siin khan, tuun awer nët ti lichter supstituiire woo in unsere khiner sayn hërtse sin, in te waywer un in te mëner sayn hërtse, woo an ti kroos xenhayt klaawe tas Kot tsu te mënxe khomt, in tëm khint fikuur: tas Khint fon Nasaree.

Ti taache sin aarich lang un fol hofnunge. Ti familye keen uf ti xtroose. Ti layt laafe soo oone soriche too rom, ploos fer se laafe. Ti khiner hupse un singe; ales tuut sich in frayt peklayte. Es is en knaate tsayt. Te Hërkot is unich uns. Wën aach ti kexëfter tas ales soo ekstra eksploreere, khëne awer ti Frayt un ti Hofnung, woo wayter wii te konsumismus keet, nët ferxtëkle. Wii fiil trëfunge, wii fiil kriise un wii fiil umaarmunge? Kraat too tuun ti xpanunge sich renoweere. Too tuut tas leewe sich nay mache. Khëtse am plinke, lichter am prëne; funkle hërtser tuun sich erlaychtere un hate hërtser wëre waaych. Wii fiil kleene kexënkcher wëre aus keteelt, wii fiil layt wëre erinërt?

Aach fiile ferxtorpne khome in ti ketanke, un kriin pliimcher uf iire kreewer keleet. Tas is es leewe woo im Liipe sich wayter macht wii te toot – is te Lepëntiche Kot pay sayn froynte.

Atwënt, tsayt tsum waate um naye manifestatsioone fon tëm Rëter. Te Rëter tsaycht sich in tëm lëchele, in te teelunge tswichich te aarme layt, in te kexënker woo ferteelt wëre, in te kesichter fon te priiter un fon te xwëstre, hauptseechlich in tëm leewe woo keteelt wërt. Ti liiter, ti ritme fon te liiter woo ti Waynachte xon aan tsayche, es is khee tswayfel mee: te Hër

*Solange Hamester Johann ist die Leiterin vom Proyëkt Hunsrik in Thee Walt, Santa Maria do Herval, RS, Kommentatorin der Radiosendung AHAI und Kolumnistin bei E-Mail:






QZQMlt7XksnS 30/01/2014, às 05:35

That soaker with the fish is ianlseny cute. What pattern are you using? Curly Purly? Yours look a lot better than anything I\'ve ever made (as in, they might not wind up around your kid\'s knees). And do I detect a ball band dishcloth influence in the green soaker (if you don\'t know what I mean, just ignore me)? [url=]uutfqpde[/url] [link=]wtpgngakxss[/link]

KFyjAlLd 13/01/2014, às 05:23

It\'s Ahhhmazing what God has done Praise Jesus!!! My husband Lee has boghut me a keyboard from the dollar store and hooked it to our nintendo wii which allows me to come online( as I am now on). The Lord our provider has amazed my lil finite mind again lol! I have read your ready writer post here and have been blessed to recieve the wisdom through the message that the Lord has given you. Praise be to our daddy God and our Mighty Savior Jesus Christ our brother that I have found you and your ministry. As I keep aiming forth for the mark of the prize and working out my salvation in fear and trembling (literally at times) before God i will remain under the umbrella of this Holy Spirit led ministry, Women Who Pray. God bless you 100 fold Mrs. Teddi; you and that hardworking hubby of yours.With Love and sincere admiration, Jessica

sGi0IT452WC 11/01/2014, às 21:43

OMG I am sooo excited for this!! I can\'t beievle I won, these pillows are going to work PERFECTLY in my guest bedroom. Thank you thank you Jen! Big hugs xox,Nancy

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