SAP e T-Systems unidas na oferta de soluções

Companhias alemãs de TI assinaram contrato pelo qual a T-Systems ofertará soluções da SAP para o segmento de saúde

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eHw7He4W0IS 09/01/2014, às 12:36

What a plrausee to find someone who thinks through the issues

BpLc5Weso 08/01/2014, às 06:55

Jon, you\'ll have to be more specific in your criqitue, particularly if you\'re going to characterize the paper as wild speculation. Because Blackboard is a publicly traded company, much of Jim\'s analysis is based on their reported numbers. Relying on industry averages for percentages of license fee applied to maintenance is hardly wild speculation , since it\'s not a number that varies widely (to my knowledge, anyway).I\'d be interested in hearing substantive criqitue (especially from Blackboard), but blanket condemnations without specifics are entirely unconvincing.

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