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Prédios argentinos pagarão menos imposto por ter jardins no telhado

Os prédios da cidade de Buenos Aires pagarão menos impostos por ter jardins no telhado, de acordo com uma lei recém-sancionada pelo governo local.

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ByqBsWNaKRMS 27/02/2013, às 04:31

These parents sound like copmlete and total self morons. I\'m not sure how screwed up your perspective on life has to be in order to think that your child gaining the habit of washing their hands and looking out for the needs others in life is a BAD thing. Also upon further research of this story, it\'s coming out that the mouth-washing part was a lie (Which I figured), probably brought up when the charges of too much hand washing and no PBJs didn\'t sensationalize their petty protest enough.Let me say that from Kindergarten until 5th grade, I was in the same class as a girl who was quadriplegic. She had to have an aid with her at all times, and took a long time to get anywhere. While yes, sometimes her aid would push her, she had a device on her wheel-chair that allowed her to propel herself by blowing through a straw. I remember that when it was time for lunch, recess, or any time we\'d all have to leave the class, all of the students would line up in the hall outside single file and we\'d wait

WbfHNcrfuLwxt 27/02/2013, às 04:31

Have you read Founders at Work, which preceded this voumle. It\'s basically a series of interviews with the founders of IT start-up\'s. It includes just about everyone and is probably my favourite non-fiction book of the past decade

nYWxXddBwxduduZseJq 27/02/2013, às 04:30

I see nothing wrong with whsiang hands, rinsing mouths out and cleaning the classroom to protect this child. Children should be whsiang their hands frequently anyway as well as their desks and chairs. As far as the children missing out on Holiday parties, some states don\'t even allow these parties anymore because separation of church and state laws prohibit it. These parents are selfish people. They aren\'t teaching their kids anything about tolerance, love and compassion. As far as losing 30 minutes of class time everyday, most kids take a couple of bathroom breaks anyway. Should bathroom breaks stop because it takes away from class time. Come on parents grow up and set a good example of sportsmanship to your kids. Eventually when your kids graduate and enter the workforce, they are going to have to adapt to to various situations to accommodate their employers, and coworkers and possibly customers to whatever field they are employed in. Now in the present is a good time to start learning how to treat o

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