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Martius-Staden 2013: janeiro, o mês inicial de várias exposições

Três exposições marcam o início de ano no Instituto Martius-Staden em São Paulo: Diversos - Inversos; Memórias de São Paulo; e Emigração ao Brasil pelo Sistema de Parceria.


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mFUswlvJLWv 30/01/2014, às 13:43

Well, I\'m eating a lot of crow today. And I\'ll take the I told you so chiidng in good stride.BUT:No Harry Potter for Best Picture from BAFTA?No Michael Shannon for Best Actor (Take Shelter) from BAFTA?No Jessica Chastain for Best Actress (Take Shelter) from BAFTA?No Vanessa Redgrave for Best Supporting Actress (Anonymous or Coriolansu) from BAFTA?I will have to just deal with it and hope AMPAS will take note of their exclusion (in a good way by voting for these categories).And while there is much to admire from the cannot ignore performances (Judi Dench was great in My Week With Marilyn and I love seeing Ralph Fiennes listed in Coriolanus), I have to say the BAFTA exclusions I listed above just piss me off. [url=]cghwnisftqr[/url] [link=]przyfbbqkm[/link]

bC5BeqBPuo 13/01/2014, às 14:52

Tree of Life was perhaps the most prmonient film NOT to send DVD Screeners to BAFTA members. Don’t know the reason.The expense, is my guess.Look at the titles we know of that didn\'t send screeners. The Tree of Life, Take Shelter, A Better Life they don\'t have a war chest of funds saved up from their box-office receipts. If we can agree that part of the purpose of awards is (and has always been) another form of marketing there\'s little point in trying to raise the profile of films that have already finished their theatrical run months ago.Not to mention the fact that Nominated 7 BAFTAS means pretty much nothing on the cover of a DVD case, whereas Nominated for 7 Oscars is still eye-catching to casual moviegoers.It doesn\'t make economic sense to throw another 50 grand down the money pit.

PtfkSmi2 12/01/2014, às 09:24

Tree of Life” is the most overrated movie of the year so I’m glad that it loses alsmot everything (except Golden Palm – this decision was a disgrace for Cannes Film Festival obviously). “Harry Potter” – the second most overrated movie of the year – surely shouldn’t be nominated in best picture category. Hows HP the 2nd most overrated and how it shouldn\'t be nominated in the best picture category (not counting those critic awards shows)? And if memory serves me right, wasn\'t it true that Harry Potter 8 (7.2) was voted Best Movie of the summer, didn\'t it had more reviews and maybe higher grades than alsmot every film this year, did extremely and acceptional well in not only in the domestic box office but in the foreign box office (and broke alot of $$$ records), wasn\'t it known as the most anticipated movie event of the year, and(you know this is 100% true) it is not only maybe popular with the critics but popular with the public?

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