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Kunzler - 7º Encontro das Famílias Kunsler / Kunzler / Kuntzler

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hEFJxEENy 28/01/2014, às 03:03

Beautiful, Brian! I love the change in mood beweetn the black-and-white images and the color ones. And I love the story. You have such a gift for seeing the way your children see the world. Thank you for this. [url=]zoyntibbv[/url] [link=]kfhgxyo[/link]

FPc6VcvRYti 10/01/2014, às 08:43

Please Ms. Darcy, Americans who live near waterways have the right to know if they are in dagner from faulty I-wall levees.If they dont know how can they protect themselves?

J3QSo8YwMBY 09/01/2014, às 08:02

The other component of this issue is the ceitrfication of Levees by the Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps has mandated levees must be open to inspection thus free of vegetation. In many of the watersheds of the Northwest, the levees are the riparian zone and provide the only protection for salmon in the river. As I am sure you are aware, this has put the Corps in direct conflict with the Endangered Species Act reasonable and prudent alternatives that mandate trees along rivers. FEMA requires levees meet Army Corps of Engineers standards in order to receive flood insurance. Requiring the Corps to meet ESA requirements would initially de-certify the levees until the Corps issues variances to the individual levee owners, a process that the Corps has not allowed to proceed in a programatic fashion ( for instance all levees maintained by King county). This issue adds to the complexity of finding solutions to the problem caused by building in flood plains.

Ilaine Orth Malacarne 03/05/2013, às 22:15

Nao é possivel participar desse encontro devido outros compromissos assumidos, num próximo participarei. Um bom encontro a familia Kunzler

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