Katholische Kirche blickt nach vorn

Nach dem Ende der Amtszeit von Papst Benedikt XVI. bestimmt nun die Suche nach einem Nachfolger das Geschehen im Vatikan. Seit Donnerstagabend haben die Katholiken kein Oberhaupt mehr, was sich jedoch rasch ändern soll.

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AvqKIuCNN 09/01/2014, às 12:42

At last, sooneme who knows where to find the beef

egXp4zhi 08/01/2014, às 07:15

Very interesting itnirveew. A few things that stuck out and made me wonder:\"Every time the members vote and every time they caucus they have to cross the street. It was a nice day, and, frankly, I think they wanted to see the protest, see what was going on. They sometimes use the tunnels, but it was a nice day.\"Interesting use of the word \"every\" and \"sometimes\". I\'m willing to give them a pass on this, despite the quite unmistakable fact that the entire walk was designed to produce a story idea in every paper in the country titled \"Black Congress-members Harassed by Teabaggers, Shades of the 60s Revisited. (with 27 color 8x10 glossy photographs of the crime scene, etc...)She certainly seems to have a good grasp on just how the most video taped event of the CBC managed to avoid totally catching the audio of This Horrid Word. I mean, its not like any of the CBC would...lie, right?

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