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Instituto britânico alerta para riscos de extinção da raça humana

Equipe internacional de cientistas, matemáticos e filósofos de Instituto da Universidade de Oxford investiga os maiores perigos da humanidade. Diretor do instituto: é plausível que este venha a ser o último século da humanidade.

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YnZUWtsbj 09/01/2014, às 08:02

to people that I feel like my life\\\'s work amtnuos to taking a pebble and throwing it at an Abrams tank. I kind of suspect that in terms of cultural or political change, I\\\'ve made no difference at all. But then that\\\'s more than any author can expect, if he or she has true perspective on the situation. What letters like yours do show me, however, is what I discovered the last time I did a lecture tour, 2 yrs ago, for Norton (the publisher of DAA), and in almost every city a few people came up to me after the talk and the Q&A and said something like, \\\"You know, I read X [some book of mine] 20 years ago, and it changed my life.\\\" This caught me by surprise, and made me realize that ultimately, the deepest influence is one-on-one, me as author to some person out there in his/her living rm in Hoboken or Sacramento, sitting in his/her favorite armchair, and reading Reenchantment or whatever on a quiet Friday night. Maybe that\\\

Xxoq8no6 08/01/2014, às 04:35

Dear Dr. Berman,I have not yet read your most recent book, but as I rtecnely found your website, I do want to mention that some twenty-five years ago, a few month after I had finished a dissertation on the varieties of skepticism of the Seventeenth Century, and its influence on the genre of satire, I came across e2809cThe Re-Enchantment of the World.e2809d I had recourse to Gregory Bateson for my explorations into Seventeenth Century thought, and your exposition, once found, I had ingested so deeply that I tucked and kept it in the e2809cback pockete2809d of memory, where I have, in one way or another, carried it with me ever since.. I have largely been abroad in the developing worlde28094in Africa and Southeast Asia, for the past twenty years, and have only been in the States continuously since April of 2007.Your discourse on the decline of the United States, as much as I can glean from your website, have been in a way e2809chomeopathice2809d for one returning to the States after a long absence, and su

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