Horário de verão evitará gasto de R$ 4,6 bilhões em investimentos em energia

O horário de verão – que terá início à zero hora do próximo domingo (20) e terminará à zero hora do dia 16 de fevereiro – será adotado no RS, SC, PR, SP, RJ, ES, MG, MT, MS e DF.

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lxNWBBwIMjrj 25/01/2014, às 14:03

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wAE0pvFHxpO8 09/01/2014, às 10:32

I accidently ran this over my (C:) drive and clneaed all possible .lsp files, I suspect this shouldn\'t have been done and I\'m worried, is there any way to restore this action?

Qe7fCmeVT8uh 08/01/2014, às 04:22

I don\'t think it is overkill or a waste of time at all, for a clupoe reasons. First, the texts are not that rough you can get through Practical Common Lisp in a (short) week without too much problem. SICP and On Lisp are a bit longer and more intense, but you don\'t need to read the whole books to get some benefit. And I think the insight they provide is quite valuable and will really save someone time in the long run.Second, I\'ve read through some of the respected R texts and few of them that I have seen deal much with the fundamentals of programming. Sure, they teach you some syntax and show you how to get your work done (maybe), but they often become quickly outdated due to package changes, etc. And they almost never show you how to organize your code so that its accessible, replicable, and extensible.Third, the books provide insight on what lies beneath R\'s imperative facade. R is at its heart a functional language with many similarities to Lisp and Scheme. Learning how these other language

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