Der Papst, der Revolutionär - Der

Weniger das „was“, sondern das „wie“ ist entscheidend

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oInWobHm 25/01/2014, às 14:56

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Py71UDQoH 09/01/2014, às 12:19

Another source steatd that Meyer\'s is following up with a sequel to The Host. I hope not. Trilogies based on well-written books have the greatest chance to survive the adaption, but we all know Meyer isn\'t capable of such a feat. Ronan, some advice: do this movie and forget about potential sequels. The only book franchise worth attaching yourself to is The Hobbit. Meyer is not Tolkien.

wndmwTbEcDh 08/01/2014, às 07:51

Lara Jo - Oh, yay, validation! And thakns for pinning me. I love these dishes as much as I did when I bought them but I have yet to serve anything on them! They\'re just eye candy in the china cabinet. Someday I will have a marvelous dinner party that they will be the star of. Is there any way you can send me a link so I can see your Ben Seibel pins? I still don\'t know enough about Pinterest to know if that\'s possible but I would love to see them. When I bought these I had a hard time finding info on the internet about them. Thanks so much for reading!Reply

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