Artikel in te Linkwistik Universiteet fon Barcelona - von Solange Hamester Johann*


Solange Hamester Johann

Radiosendung AHAI HUNSRIK 1006


Haloo, hier is Solange Hamester Johann, fom Proyëkt Hunsrik. 




Yëts in oktoower, is fon te Uniwersiteet fon Barcelona en artikel mit 34 sayte fon Mateus Maselko puplitsëyert këp.

Tee artikel tiskutëyert te kleene tiksyonaar "Mayn Ëyerxte 100 Hunsrik Wërter", fom Proyëkt Hunsrik in tetayles un prësëntëyert ti naye xrift norme fer unser xeen Hunsrik Xprooch fer ti kroos kemaynte fon linkwiste fon Europa un fon te kans wëlt.

Tas ëyerxte woo Mateuz Maselko, fon Eesteraych, woo Mestrado am mache is in linkwistik , saat is tas unsere tiksyonaar laycht se hantle is.

Am tswëte plats, këpt ëyer en naye naame un saat tas unser Hunsrik Rechioon en "transcontinental interdialetal aarea" is. Tas sol petayte tas mëyer fer en anere kontinënt keheere als Taytxlant un tas ëyer mit uns tsuu saat tas meere xermaanixe tialëkte sich kompinëyert hon un tuun unser Hunsrik Xprooch formeere.

Fer ti layt woo hunsrik xprëche sayn neetichkheete petiine, tii woo khee stantart taytx xprëche ore weenich, saat Mateuz Maselko, tas unser hunsrik xrift tichter is fon te portukeesix xprooch, un soo, fiil laychter se ferxteen un leese fer ti xermaanixe prasiliaaner un tan mee asesiiwel fer persoone woo te prasiliaanixe portukeesix als ëyerxt ore haupst xprooch hon.

Tëswëche, saat ëyer an te sayte 20, kraat soo wii Dra.Úrsula Wiesemann uns imer kesaat hot, tas aach fer persoone woo en anërxter xermaanixe tialëkt xprëche, mee wii important is – is krusial, tas tii al ti pextimte reechle noo keen fer ti taytx xprooch se xraywe woo im Brasil kexproch wërt, wën te ach en pisye anëxter is wii mëyer uns aus xprëche, tas is aach khorëkt kerëchënt, wayl es këpt khee ferkhëyerte taytx – yeete wariant is khorëkt fer tee woo soo xprëcht, wayl filaycht is tee fon en aner rechioon fon Europa hëyer khom.

In te sayte 23, saat ëyer tas kritixe khomentaare fon anere prasiliaanixe linkwiste mise kesiin wëre als oone funtamënt, wayl pis hayt hot noch nimant was pëseres prësëntëyert. Un er saat noch: was tii linkwiste

prësëntëyert hon is tsu eenlich mit was FAUSEL in 1959 kexrip hot, un is ploos en ataptatsioon fom hooch taytx - en kleen pisye ferënert.

Am ën, saat er tas te Proyëkt Hunsrik sayn konsëpte kans richtich aus kexaft hot un, tëswëche, xprëcht unsere susës pis yëts aus sich sëlëpxt.

Tee artikel is in ënglix kexrip, awer wëyer en leese wil, khan uns en e-mail xike un mëyer tuun kërn en khopii tsurik xike,

Xeene kruus aus Thee Walt.

*Solange Hamester Johann ist die Leiterin vom Proyëkt Hunsrik in Thee Walt, Santa Maria do Herval, RS, Kommentatorin der Radiosendung AHAI und Kolumnistin bei E-Mail:


crmavbnFNic0 27/01/2014, às 02:28

JinOctober 10, 2008Prof Wesch,I completely agree that setnudts need to be taught how to read textbooks. I teach at a community college where 50-70% of the student population can\'t read college-level text. Granted, I work with a different student population compared with a four-year university. Nevertheless, I find that most setnudts lack basic reading skills that help them actively engage and understand text.However, I don\'t agree that the lack of textbook accessibility during high school is to blame. I think that there are several reasons why setnudts can\'t read well by the time they get to college. There are many factors that can affect a student\'s reading skills such as inadequate phonological awareness training during preschool. In the past, I\'ve tutored many setnudts in the K-12 grade range; in my experience, I\'ve found that there are a lot of setnudts that lack basic reading skills that should have been mastered in elementary school. Of note, one of the more disturbing things

L783MdwC 10/01/2014, às 05:48

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Flo8eSWk3aF 09/01/2014, às 04:12

Saludos al parecer hay polmrebas con lo grabado, pero no preocupes que el material va a estar disponible junto con un video si es necesario y si no se puede recuperar, en estos dedas publicaremos un post hablando de la segunda parte

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