A identidade cultural europeia é um diálogo

Em plena Primeira Grande Guerra Mundial, Marcel Proust criou personagens ainda atraídos pela cultura alemã. A prova, segundo o semiólogo Umberto Eco, de que os intercâmbios culturais contribuíram mais que tudo o resto para forjar a Europa de hoje.

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yAKtX2A91 07/01/2014, às 10:28

I agree with Barney. Make this the banner case. Dissect its faosehlods and bad-faith boosterism by the media. Flog it. Because the Left will never stop. Hate, slander and intimidation are all they know. Make them eat this story again and again. As for a retraction -- forget it. Never going to happen. In the Left\'s mind -- and in the mind of their handmaiden media -- this \"narrative\" is too important to sully with a retraction.

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